Changelog July 2023

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"Gracefulness and ease of movement or style."

When you want to smile, do you consciously move the individual muscles in your face?

Of course not. You just do it.

Your tools should be like that too.

They should feel fluent – gracefully and easily supporting what you want to do. Minimizing the distance between thought and action.

These two features represent a huge step up in ease and fluency managing your inbox.

1/ Bulk select items in your inbox

You can now multi-select items in your inbox!

Dispatch supports all the intuitive multi-select commands: ⌘+click, ⇧+click, ⌘A, etc.

2/ Focus on one conversation at a time

Dispatch typically shows your inbox and Slack side-by-side.

This is great for multi-tasking... until your ADHD kicks in.

With single panel view, you can focus on one thing at a time: your inbox or a specific conversation.

How does it work?

Split panel view (left) shows your inbox and Slack at the same time, side-by-side.

Single panel view (right) shows only one at a time.

You can press [⏎] and [Esc] to move back and forth between Slack and your inbox.

That's all for now. 🖖

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Stedman Blake Hood
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