Inbox Zero in Slack

Drowning in Slack messages? Dispatch is a Priority Inbox for Slack so you can focus on what's most important.

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Anxious, Distracted, & Unproductive

We built Dispatch for folks who spend hours a day in Slack. 

We built Dispatch for folks who spend hours a day in Slack. They’re crucial members of their teams. But they’re completely inundated with Slack messages. So they struggle to find time for their highest priorities. 

Dispatch is the power tool that helps these folks stay on top of their Slack messages, and focus their attention on their most important work.

Priority Inbox where you need it most

Dispatch gives you a single Priority Inbox for all your Slack messages.

Messages remain in Dispatch until you’ve explicitly taken action on them

No more messages slipping through the cracks

Minimize distractions

Focus on your highest priority messages. Dispatch protects your attention with three priority levels:


Dispatch only interrupts you for high priority messages


Browse non-urgent messages on your own time


Messages you don't want to read skip your inbox and are automatically muted

Power tools for power users


Treat conversations as to-dos. Archive them when you're done and achieve inbox zero.


Noisy conversations? Mute them so you can get back in the zone.


Blocked on something? Snooze a conversation until you’re ready to take action on it.


Update any conversation's priority level so that the Priority Inbox reflects your true priorities.

Fly through your Slack inbox

Dispatch is built for speed. Enter a state of flow as you clear out your inbox.

Blaze through every action in 100 milliseconds

Complete any action from the command palette

The only shortcut you need to remember

Keep your team in Slack

Change is hard. Getting other people to change is even harder!

That's why Dispatch works even when you're the only one using it.

Your team can keep using Slack. No behavior change needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I use multiple Slack workspaces?

Dispatch connects all of your Slack workspaces in a single unified inbox.

What happens to my Slack unreads?

Dispatch syncs read status back to Slack. No more stressful unreads.

How does Dispatch know my priorities?

Set priority filters for channels, people, and topics with help from Dispatch's smart suggestions.