Boost customer satisfaction with faster response times

Dispatch is a shared Slack inbox for customer support teams, where you can treat messages like tickets.

Assign, label, and escalate customer requests – and keep messages from slipping through the cracks.

Trusted by client-centric companies

Assign threads as tickets

Assign, label, and escalate customer requests directly from Slack. No more jumping back and forth between shared channels and your ticketing tools.

Integrate ticketing

We built Dispatch for folks who spend hours a day in Slack. They’re crucial members of their teams. But they’re completely inundated with Slack messages. So they struggle to find time for their highest priorities. 

Dispatch is the power tool that helps these folks stay on top of their Slack messages, and focus their attention on their most important work.

When you connect your team's ticketing tools, Dispatch becomes a unified work hub for end-to-end customer experience management.

Johan, Expansion Manager

Dispatch helps me manage my overflowing Slack.

And lets me stay on top my most important messages while giving me more focus time throughout my day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I use multiple Slack workspaces?

Dispatch connects all of your Slack workspaces in a single unified inbox.

What happens to my Slack unreads?

Dispatch syncs read status back to Slack. No more stressful unreads.

How does Dispatch know my priorities?

Set priority filters for channels, people, and topics with help from Dispatch's smart suggestions.

Keep your team in Slack

Change is hard. Getting other people to change is even harder!
That's why Dispatch works even when you're the only one using it. Your team can keep using Slack. No behavior change needed.

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