Streamline your team's workflows

Add structure and boost efficiency by configuring Dispatch to automate your core business operations.

Enabling operational excellence at

A work hub for business operations

Dispatch provides the structure that your team needs to thrive.

Boost efficiency, reduce errors, and focus your team on their highest impact work.

Integrate your team's tools

Consolidate your team's workflows in Dispatch. No more jumping back and forth, context switching, and SaaS fatigue.

Johan, Expansion Manager

Dispatch helps me manage my overflowing Slack.

And lets me stay on top my most important messages while giving me more focus time throughout my day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I use multiple Slack workspaces?

Dispatch connects all of your Slack workspaces in a single unified inbox.

What happens to my Slack unreads?

Dispatch syncs read status back to Slack. No more stressful unreads.

How does Dispatch know my priorities?

Set priority filters for channels, people, and topics with help from Dispatch's smart suggestions.

Keep your team in Slack

Change is hard. Getting other people to change is even harder!
That's why Dispatch works even when you're the only one using it. Your team can keep using Slack. No behavior change needed.

Set up your

Slack Inbox