Build a vibrant community

Dispatch helps you stay on top of the hundreds of messages sent in your community Slack workspace every day.

Boost your responsiveness and engagement with your members to build a vibrant community.

Building community at

It takes a village

Integrate your team's tools with Dispatch to help point your teammates to the community messages that need their attention.

Your work hub

We built Dispatch for folks who spend hours a day in Slack. They’re crucial members of their teams. But they’re completely inundated with Slack messages. So they struggle to find time for their highest priorities. 

Dispatch is the power tool that helps these folks stay on top of their Slack messages, and focus their attention on their most important work.

Integrate your teams task and ticketing tools to streamline your community management.

Dispatch saves me time and reduces distractions every day

As a product manager, I need to be responsive in Slack so that I can unblock engineers and designers.

With Dispatch, I can be notified of important messages without being distracted by all the noise in lower priority channels.

Potluck, Product Manager

Dispatch has quickly become part of my daily routine

It brings order to my Slack notification chaos with powerful keyboard shortcuts.

Anyone like me – who thrives on async communication, wears many hats, or has many slack channels – needs Dispatch.

Ken, CTO

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I use multiple Slack workspaces?

Dispatch connects all of your Slack workspaces in a single unified inbox.

What happens to my Slack unreads?

Dispatch syncs read status back to Slack. No more stressful unreads.

How does Dispatch know my priorities?

Set priority filters for channels, people, and topics with help from Dispatch's smart suggestions.

Keep your team in Slack

Change is hard. Getting other people to change is even harder!
That's why Dispatch works even when you're the only one using it. Your team can keep using Slack. No behavior change needed.

Set up your

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