Changelog December 2022

Company Updates

Follow threads to get notified of replies

Do you want to see future replies to that message …or not?

Now you can choose! We call this “following” a thread.

You will only be notified of replies to threads where you've:

  • participated,
  • been @mentioned,
  • or that you've explicitly followed.

Everything else is “unfollowed” by default, to help keep your inbox clear.

Inbox settings kanban

It’s now easier than ever to manage your inboxes. Just click & drag a channel to the desired inbox.

Custom Rules affecting your inboxes

From the Inbox Settings page you can now see Custom Rules that move items to each inbox.

See @mentions from the inbox

"Why is this message in my inbox?"

Dispatch now highlights when you’ve been @mentioned in a thread.

This makes it easier to locate the most important items in your inbox.

That's it from us this year - see you in 2023!

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Stedman Blake Hood
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