Changelog 12/22

Company Updates

Follow threads to get notified of replies

Do you want to see future replies to that message …or not?

Now you can choose! We call this “following” a thread.

You will only be notified of replies to threads where you've:

  • participated,
  • been @mentioned,
  • or that you've explicitly followed.

Everything else is “unfollowed” by default, to help keep your inbox clear.

Inbox settings kanban

It’s now easier than ever to manage your inboxes. Just click & drag a channel to the desired inbox.

Custom Rules affecting your inboxes

From the Inbox Settings page you can now see Custom Rules that move items to each inbox.

See @mentions from the inbox

"Why is this message in my inbox?"

Dispatch now highlights when you’ve been @mentioned in a thread.

This makes it easier to locate the most important items in your inbox.

That's it from us this year - see you in 2023!

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Stedman Blake Hood