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Imagine if you had an executive assistant who was fielding all the messages that you see in Slack. 

You wouldn't want them to tell you that "a customer said a thing in a channel".

You'd want your executive assistant to tell you, what you have to do. 

  • "Respond to this customer question"
  • "Review this memo"
  • "Sign off on this decision"

That's what we're launching today: an AI executive assistant that can take 80% of your workload off your shoulders completely – simply by reading through Slack and turning messages into actionable to-dos for you.

We've been experimenting with this internally and have been pretty amazed with the results.

Summarize long conversations

Your AI Executive Assistant works alongside you in Slack, summarizing messages & drafting replies.

Message summaries & to-do extraction

Auto-draft replies

Let the AI assistant take a first pass at replies for you. Or you can guide it with a prompt, and let it take care of the rest.

The AI drafts replies based on past conversation data

You'll never use Slack the same way again. See it in action here.

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Stedman Blake Hood
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