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We built Dispatch for folks who spend hours a day in Slack. 

Dispatch saves me time and reduces distractions every day

As a product manager, I need to be responsive in Slack so that I can unblock engineers and designers.

With Dispatch, I can be notified of important messages without being distracted by all the noise in lower priority channels.

Potluck, Product Manager

Dispatch has quickly become part of my daily routine

It brings order to my Slack notification chaos with powerful keyboard shortcuts.

Anyone like me – who thrives on async communication, wears many hats, or has many slack channels – needs Dispatch.

Ken, CTO

Dispatch makes it so much easier to keep track of messages from my clients

The priority inbox allows me to separate out the highest priority conversations from everything else.

I consider Dispatch one of the most important tools for my job.

Trisha, Support Specialist

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