New User Guide

Intro video [90 seconds]

🔗 Download for macOS

🔔 Enable Dispatch notifications

▾ Expand and ▸ Collapse channels

Messages in your inbox are grouped by channel.

Press [T] to expand/collapse a channel.

[Shift+T] to to expand/collapse all channels in your inbox.

Find a channel or DM

💡 Find channels and DMs with Jump To [⌘K] instead of the Slack sidebar.

Go left and right ↔

Easily switch focus between Slack and the Dispatch inbox.

Return [⏎] goes → to Slack

Escape [Esc] goes ← to Dispatch

Go up and down the inbox ↕

Easily navigate up and down the inbox with [J] and [K].

Open Slack Sidebar

Expand and collapse the Slack sidebar to access settings, or join a Huddle [⌘+Shift+D].

Sort the Inbox

You can sort your inbox by...


Channels with the most recent activity will be listed at the top of the inbox.


Threads with the most recent activity will be listed at the top of the inbox.


Threads with the oldest activity will be listed at the top of the inbox.

💡 Newest is helpful when you want to see the most recent messages across channels.

Switch Inboxes

Move between the inboxes with [Tab] and [Shift+Tab]

🧹 Select All, Bulk Action [⌘A]

Select All and bulk action.

  1. Press ⌘A three times to cycle through #channel → Slack Workspace → Inbox
  2. Once you’re selecting all open items, press  “✔️Mark all done”

Command Palette [⌘P]

The Command Palette is a searchable list of all the commands you can perform. Open it with [⌘P].

🧰 Open the command palette to Discover new features in Dispatch.

Update a #channel’s Default Inbox

You can easily change a #channel’s Default Inbox

Go-to Inbox

Quickly go-to an inbox view with keyboard shortcuts:

Important Inbox [G then I]
messages [G then E]
Snoozed messages [G then H]
Sent messages [G then T]

🏠 Use [G then I] as your Home shortcut, to get back to your Important Inbox.

Edit Inboxes

Edit or delete the inbox by hovering over it in the sidebar, clicking the ellipsis button, and choosing an option.

Rules are IF/THEN statements that you can use to automate your inbox triage.

For example:

IF channel_type is (DM or Goup DM)
THEN move to Important inbox

Find them in the bottom-left of your sidebar

Keep in mind that rules are evaluated in order.

Use the up/down arrows to re-order your rules if needed.

Shortcut Helper

Open the shortcut reference guide by pressing [?]

🤷‍♂️ Still have questions?

Send us a message in our shared Slack channel or email us.

We’re always happy to jump on a quick call to walk you through your setup.