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Bulk select

Efficiently select multiple items at once

🖇 Link Slack and Linear

Dispatch 🖇 Links makes it much easier to use Slack and Linear together – by linking a Slack thread directly to a Linear issue.

Single panel view

Triage your inbox faster by showing only one panel at a time: the Dispatch inbox or Slack.

Use Dispatch with "unmanaged" Slack workspaces

Can't install Dispatch in a Slack workspace? You can still use Dispatch.

Reply and react keyboard shorcuts

Press [Esc] then [R] to reply, [A] to send channel message, and [⌘+Shift+\] to react.

Get help installing Dispatch in your Slack workspace

Guide to getting Dispatch installed in your Slack workspace.

Slack App Guide for Workspace Admins

The Slack admin's guide to installing Dispatch in your team's workspace

How can I open the Slack sidebar?

Click on the sidebar button at the very top of the Dispatch Title bar to toggle it open/closed. Or press [⌘⇧D].

How can I change which inbox a message goes to?

Every channel has a “Default Inbox” where messages from that channel will go.

If I’m @mentioned in a Muted channel, will I see it?

Yes, you have a Rule that moves any thread you're mentioned in to the Important Inbox.

If I have multiple open messages in a channel, can I take action on one at a time?

Yes, click on a group to expand it and see each individual thread. From there you can take action on one thread at a time.


Jump To [⌘K]

Find channels and DMs with Jump To – instead of the Slack sidebar.

Can I switch focus between the Inbox and Slack?

Press Escape [Esc] to focus the Inbox and Return [⏎] to focus Slack.

Undo [⌘Z]

This allows a user to cancel or reverse the last one or more commands executed.

Internal Comments

Use internal team comments to minimize context-switching while working in shared channels with other workspaces.

Reorder inboxes

Click and drag inboxes to reorder them.

Mark Done [⌘E]

This is how you mark messages as done and remove it from your inbox.

Pin and un-pin inboxes

Inboxes are pinned by default, which means they show up at the top of your inbox.

Enable Desktop Notifications

Turn on push notifications and troubleshoot macOS notification issues.

Notifications and Dock count

Turn notifications on or off for any inbox.

Searching and Saved Searches

Dispatch lets you search all of your messages using most of the same criteria that’s available for rules.

Switch between inbox views

Navigate between inboxes with [Tab] and [Shift+Tab]

Is there a hotkey to clear out all open threads in an inbox?

Hotkey to clear out all open threads in an inbox.

Select All, Bulk Action [⌘A]

Press ⌘A to select all. From there you can mark all selected threads ✔️ done, or take other bulk actions.

Create, edit, and delete inboxes

Update inboxes to customize Dispatch to your needs.

Rules Overview

Rules are one of the most powerful features of Dispatch that let you use a comprehensive set of conditions to automatically triage messages as they come in.


This is an example of how you can use snippets

React to a message [⌘⇧\]

Here's the keyboard shortcut to react to a message

Search Status: Open, Done, Snoozed

Specify if you’d like your search results to include Open, Snoozed, or Done items.

Switch workspaces [⌘1], [⌘2], …

If you’ve authenticated into multiple workspaces in Dispatch, you can switch in between them.

Snooze [⌘H]

Move the item out of your inbox temporarily and have it show back up later.

Follow / Unfollow [F]

Follow a thread to make all future replies appear in your inbox.

Discussion queue

Add a label like discussion-queue to messages that you want to remember to discuss with your team at your next meeting.

Assignment [W]

Assign threads to teammates to create clear accountability and stop messages from slipping through the cracks.

Is there a hotkey to switch between inboxes? i.e. Important vs Other

These are the hotkeys to switch between inboxes.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

If you’re into hotkeys, most of your time in Dispatch can be spent with your hands on your keyboard.

Bulk-update Default Inboxes

Go to the Rules page to bulk update which #channel messages appear in which inboxes

Do I still use Slack on mobile / on my phone?

When you’re on your phone, use Slack like the "mobile companion app" to Dispatch on the desktop.‍

Dispatch New User Setup Guide

This the the overview of the whole setup guide for Dispatch new user.

Search criteria

The main section of the Search Modal lets you specify search criteria, just like in the Rules Modal.

Labels [⌘L]

Tame the chaos of Slack and categorize messages with labels.

Support requests

Assign messages to team members, label them, and talk about an issue with comments.

Go Up & Down [J] and [K]

Up and down navigations for the inbox panel and the Slack channel.

▾ Expand and ▸ Collapse

Click or press [T] to expand and collapse a group of messages in the same channel.

Shortcut Helper

Open the shortcut helper [?]

Sort the Inbox

Choose how to order your inbox: by newest activity, oldest activity, or by channel.

Move a single item from one inbox to another

Move an item to a different inbox.

Expand/Collapse sidebars

Expanding and collapsing the sidebars.

Can I get a thread that I've marked done back in my inbox?

getting a thread that's marked done back to your inbox

Can I get notified of replies to a thread?

Want to see future replies to a thread that you’ve marked done? We call this “following” a thread.

Mute [⌘M]

Here's how to mute future replies to an item.

How can I group all open inbox items by channel?

A few tips to help manage your inbox: Group by Channel, Select All [⌘A], and more.

What are Rules?

Rules are IF/THEN statements that you can use to automate your inbox triage.

Default Inboxes

The inbox that messages in channels will end up in a default inbox.

Labels, Assignment, and Comments

Add labels, assignments, and comments to any item in your inbox.

Command Palette [⌘P]

The Command Palette is a searchable list of all the commands you can perform right now.

Saved searches

This is how you save the search for future use.

Is there a way to add a message to an inbox manually?

Move an message to a different inbox or move a ✔️Done message back to your Dispatch inbox.

Open links [⌘O]

This is the hotkey for opening links.

Switch Inboxes [Tab]

This is how you move between pinned inboxes

Go-to Inbox [G then I]

These are keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation.

Expand & collapse side panels

This is how you expand and collapse side panels


These are the keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation.