Speed is not a feature

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“Speed is a feature.”

You hear this all the time — typically from marketing teams trumpeting their products’ long-overdue performance upgrades.

We disagree with this product philosophy.

With Dispatch, speed is not a nice-to-have feature just sprinkled on as an afterthought. Speed is a necessary condition for something bigger.

Fluency is the future

As we hurdle towards a future of digital natives living in the metaverse, we see that the future of software is fluency.

Software is increasingly becoming an extension of ourselves. We must be able to wield these digital appendages with the same dexterity as a body part.

Can you imagine having a lag between lifting your arm and seeing it move? You'd consider it a disability!

50X speed improvements ⚡️

Using Dispatch must feel fluent and seamless.

That's why we’ve sped up page loads and common actions by up to 50X. Even 100X in one case.

We’re close to getting every action under 100 milliseconds – and we’re super excited to show you around.

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A few of our favorite shiny new features.

De-clutter the inbox by collapsing the sidebar

Press [⌘;] to toggle the sidebar closed and simplify your inbox. This simpler view will help you focus on your top priorities.

Collapse open conversations in the inbox panel

Some Slack channels have a lot going on — but you don’t need to see it all in your inbox! See the forest for the trees by collapsing open conversations in your inbox.

Press [⮐] to expand or collapse a particular conversation.

Press [T] to toggle all conversations expanded or collapsed.

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