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Company Updates

Can you believe it's already the end of March?

We've been heads down, shipping tons of new features and performance improvements. Here's an overview, including some of our most widely requested features. We're excited for you to try them!

✍️ Edit messages in Dispatch

Long-awaited, and much-requested – you can now edit messages directly in Dispatch!

There are three ways to edit a message. Pick your favorite...

  • Hover over the message and click the ✏️ icon,
  • After sending a message, press the up arrow ⬆️ to edit it, or
  • Open the command palette [⌘K], and type "Edit message".

Custom snooze time picker

Another popular request: snooze messages until whenever you like!

Try typing tomorrow, 3 hours, jun 10 at 4p, or whenever else you'd like to be reminded.

ℹ️ Keyboard shortcut helper

Ever find yourself wondering, "what's that keyboard shortcut again?" 🤔

Wonder no more! Master keyboard shortcuts to gain fluency in Dispatch.

Press [?] or click on the ℹ️ icon to open the reference guide. From there, you can search for any action to find its keyboard shortcut.

We're hiring 👋

If you like Dispatch and want to get involved, drop us a line. We're recruiting a stellar product designer and an engineer to join our founding team.

And who better than one of our early users? That's how Daniel found us, after all! 🤗

See all of our open positions

That's all for now!

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