Single panel view

  • Focus & Selection

In this view, Dispatch shows only one panel at a time: the Dispatch inbox or Slack conversation.

Double click or press Enter [⏎] to see the Slack conversation.

Press Escape [Esc] to return to the Dispatch inbox.

You can ▼expand and ▶collapse item groups with [T] and [Shift T]

And from the Slack conversation, you can navigate ↑up and ↓down your open items with [Ctrl J] and [Ctrl K].

Preview the most recent reply

In Single Panel View, the Dispatch inbox shows the most recent reply on open threads.

This helps you to triage your inbox faster – archive archive threads without having to open the Slack conversation to see the latest reply.

In Single Panel View you can see the most recent reply to a thread

How do I enable single panel view?

There are three ways.

1. Narrow the Dispatch app window

Want to use Dispatch in half-screen? 

Shrink your Dispatch app window until you enter Single Panel View.

Grow and shrink the app window

2. Settings
Enable it in Settings. This will make it persist across any screen size.

Settings → Single Panel View

3. Widen the Inbox panel

Click & drag to widen your inbox.

Grow and shrink the inbox panel

Prefer seeing both at once?

To see Dispatch and Slack side-by-side, stay in Split Panel View with your Dispatch app window full-width.