Searching and Saved Searches

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Dispatch lets you search all of your messages using most of the same criteria that’s available for rules.

You can either run a one-time search, or save a search to use multiple times in the future.

Create a new search by clicking the “New Search” button in the left sidebar:

Search Criteria

The main section of the Search Modal lets you specify search criteria, just like in the Rules Modal. All of the same criteria is available with one exception: you cannot search message text, because Dispatch isn’t able to read your message text after the message comes in the first time.


At the top you can specify if you’d like your search results to include Open, Snoozed, or Done items.

If you select only Open items, the number of items matching the search will appear in the sidebar.

Saved Searches

You can either run a search one time, or give the search a name and click “Run Search and Save for later” to save the search for future use.