Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re into hotkeys, most of your time in Dispatch can be spent with your hands on your keyboard.

The basics [J] / [K] / [T] / [R] / [A]

↕️ [J] and [K]

Use [J]/[K] or [down]/[up] to navigate your inbox.

Expand/Collapse groups in the inbox [T] and [Shift+T]

Use [T] to expand or collapse groups in your inbox.


With an item in your inbox selected, use [R] or [Return] to focus the reply editor in Slack.


Use [A] to focus the channel editor.

Jumping to a channel [⌘K]

Use [⌘K] to open Slack’s channel switcher. From here you can type the name of a channel and hit [Return] to jump there.

👀 Use this to jump to a DM or Channel

Navigating inboxes [Tab] / [Shift+Tab]

Use [Tab] to select the next inbox, and [Shift+Tab] to select the previous.

Hit [G then I] to return to your first inbox.

Or, hit [G then 1] to select your first inbox, [G then 2] to select your second, etc.

Bulk operations [⌘A]

Use [⌘A] to select the group header for the channel you’re in. Once selected, you can easily bulk archive or snooze all messages in the channel.

This is particularly helpful for DMs, where a lot of messages tend to accumulate. Send your reply in Slack, then hit [⌘A] and [⌘E] to quickly archive everything.

But [⌘A] does even more, letting you perform bulk operations on all messages from a workspace, and all messages in an inbox. To do this, repeatedly hit [⌘A] to cycle through various selections.

Jump to Snoozed, Done, Sent [G then H] / [G then E] / [G then T]

Jump to your snoozed items with [G then H]

Jump to your done items with [G then E]

Jump to your sent items with [G then T]

Return to your inbox with [G then I]

Open links [⌘O]

Hit [⌘O] to open a list of all the links found in a message. Select one with the arrow keys and hit [Return] to open it in your browser.

Switch workspaces [⌘1], [⌘2], [⌘3], …

If you’ve authenticated into multiple workspaces in Dispatch, you can switch to the first one with [⌘1], the second one with [⌘2], etc.