How can I group all open inbox items by channel?

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    Inbox Items

Here are a few tips to help you manage your inbox.

1. Group messages by channel so that you can easily select all open messages in a DM and bulk action on them

2. Select All, Bulk Action [⌘A] on all open messsages in a channel

Press [⌘A] to select all open messages in the currently selected channel. From there you can bulk action - mark all Done, Snooze all, etc.

3. ▾ Expand and ▸ Collapse channel groups

[T] or [→] and [←]

Expand / collapse a single item group

[Shift + T]

Expand / collapse all item groups

4. Open Channel settings → check "Treat messages in this channel as one item in your inbox".

If you like this setting, let us know, and we can toggle it on for all of your DMs and channels.