Do I still use Slack on mobile / on my phone?

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When you’re on your phone, use Slack like the "mobile companion app" to Dispatch on the desktop.

i.e.) use Slack as usual on mobile, but now you can know that you don't need to aggressively mark unread, set reminders, etc -- since those conversations will remain open in your Dispatch inbox when you're back at a computer.

Syncing between Slack and Dispatch

When you read or mark a message ✔️Done in Dispatch, that message will be marked 👀 Read in Slack.

Reading a message in Slack will not update that message Done in Dispatch.

Threads are an exception.

We cannot mark threads 👀 Read via API. So you may still see a threads marked Unread in Slack until you load them and read through them in Dispatch. This is a limitation of the Slack API that we're working with them to overcome.