• Setup

To use a workspace in Dispatch you need to both sign in and install the Dispatch app.

Signing in lets you use the Slack app in Dispatch.

Installing the Dispatch app lets Dispatch manage your messages and list them in your inbox.

Not all workspaces will let you install the Dispatch app. In this case, you can continue to use the workspace in Dispatch, but it will be unmanaged. Messages from these workspaces won't show up in your Dispatch inbox.

Adding a new workspace

Add a workspace to Dispatch by going to the Connections section in Settings.

Switching between workspaces

Your signed in workspaces appear at the bottom of the left sidebar. Click on one or press ⌘1 - ⌘9 to bring its Slack view to the top.


In order to sign in to workspaces Dispatch needs to be set up to open Slack links. If the Slack app is opening instead of Dispatch, make sure the "Open Slack Links in Dispatch" setting is enabled.

If your Slack view is opening in your web browser instead of Dispatch, choose the "Open the Slack App" option in the menu.

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